BigLaunch’s Case Study – 8 Figure Agency

An 8 figure agency came to us with a launch fatigued audience and a virgin Facebook Ads account because their previous one had been lost. They were exhausted, scared and worried if the business would ever be able to recover.

Here at BigLaunch, while we know that pixel data is important, we also know it is very important to diversify your risk. We helped them spin up two new ads accounts; one for the parent brand and one for the program itself. We warmed up the new accounts with new audiences and built solid relationships and foundations with their students that we knew would rebuild the trust they had lost.

The results were stunning! They ended up with a 263% ROI on their ad spend and management fees. To put a different way, for every $1 they spent, they received $263 in revenue. By simplifying the strategies, and our ninja-like execution of the STFM method, they were able to smash even their “reach goal” for the launch!

This gave them the confidence that their audience wasn’t actually fatigued, but that the complicated strategies and “new tricks” they had been using not only gave them diminishing returns but it ended with them losing their accounts on the platform. They learned that there is still room to grow and that the STFM method really works!

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