Marketing Now vs Marketing Later

The money that you’re not spending now is costing you millions of dollars. That’s a bold statement but very true. It is easy when starting a business to wonder which investments will best pay off long term and bring you the best ROI? Even long term in the lifeline of a business can vary from industry to industry. With 20% of businesses failing year one and 50% failing by year 5, even “long term” can be a wildly moving target.

The dilemma is this: do you run money to paid traffic or do you push more of an influencer/organic reach? Which is better for your brand? The simple truth is this: it must be and/both. The paid traffic will set you up for success in years 2+ and all of those strategies that are semi-long term like SEO and Adwords are required for success however they are more of a 6-12 month strategy at the best of times. In one year you will be quite glad you started now. The social media organic/influencer route is much faster and easier to measure return, however without something long term in place to keep your people coming back it’s simply not sustainable.

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